WYSIWYG Web Builder 12.2 update!

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WYSIWYG Web Builder 12.2 update!

Post by Pablo » Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:57 am

WYSIWYG Web Builder 12.2 is a major update. This version fixes known problems, adds new features and other improvements.

What's new in 12.2?
- Fixed: Photo Gallery image preview issue in properties.
- Fixed: Table cells do not support text-align: justify
- Fixed: Duplicated font-weight in styles using Google fonts.
- Fixed: Article does not save background image.
- Fixed: Heading does not save border.
- Fixed: Incorrect margin in responsive bullets.
- Fixed: File Upload width issue in breakpoints.
- Improved: Layers with video background can now also have a different background in breakpoints.
- Improved: 'Snap to objects' behavior with nested layers.
- Improved: Rollover layer now also works in a master frame.
- Improved: Fixed background images are now also rendered fixed in the workspace.
- Improved: 'Import Page from another project' attempts to preserve internal links when multiple pages are imported.
- Improved: og:url (Open Graph Meta Tags) can now include the page name in the URL.
- New feature: Added new responsive functions to extension API: LoadBreakpointData, GetBreakPointCSS. This will be used for future versions of (official) extensions.
- New feature: Added new option to Breadcrumb 'Synchronize with Site manager' -> 'First level (no folders)'. When this option is selected, then folders will not be included in the navigation.
- New feature: Added 'Icon Font Library' option to Breadcrumb, Panel Menu and Responsive Menu. This specifies whether to use FontAwesome Icons or Material Icons.
- New feature: Added experimental SVG render support.
- New feature: Added 'equal to (choice)' and 'not equal to (choice)' options to Combobox conditions. This creates unique conditions for the specifies values.
- New feature: Added 'Install Extension' option in the context menu of the Toolbox.
- New feature: Added support for separate title and alt text in the Photo Gallery and Photo Collage. Example: Use 'title^alt' in the title field. The second item (after ^) will be used as the alt text.
- New feature: Added 'goto' support to the SlideShow which can be used in events (just like the Carousel). Example: $('#SlideShow1').slideshow('goto,2');
- New feature: Added "Copy/Paste' buttons in navigation objects. This makes it possible to copy the links from one navigation object to another.
- New feature: Added global lightbox support. This adds the ability to have images on different parts of the page to trigger the same lightbox gallery (see tutorial).
- New feature: Added 'Enable form' to the Carousel. This makes it possible to use the Carousel as a multi page form (see tutorial).
- New tutorial: http://www.wysiwygwebbuilder.com/global_lightbox.html
- New tutorial: http://www.wysiwygwebbuilder.com/carouselwizard.html

How to update from previous 12.x versions?
1. Download the latest version here:
2. If you already have version 12.x you can install it in the same location as the previous version.

Advanced users can also download the updated files only here (no installer):
http://www.wysiwygwebbuilder.com/wb12update.zip (build date: September 21, 2017)