WYSIWYG Web Builder 11.6.1 update

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WYSIWYG Web Builder 11.6.1 update

Post by Pablo » Wed Dec 28, 2016 2:02 pm

WYSIWYG Web Builder 11.6.1 fixes known problems and includes a critical security update for PHPMailer (a third party PHP mail script used by forms).
Everyone who is using PHP mailer in their forms should update as soon as possible! Read more: https://github.com/opsxcq/exploit-CVE-2016-10033

What's new in 11.6.1?
- Improved: WWB tries to load a 'dummy' structure for missing extensions in an attempt to continue loading the rest of the project.
- Improved: Carousel with effects is forced to ltr when the page direction is rtl (otherwise the effects won't work).
- Update: Now includes PHPMailer 5.2.19. This is a critical security update.

How to update from previous 11.x versions?
1. Download the latest version here:
2. If you already have version 11.x you can install it in the same location as the previous version.

Advanced users can also download the updated files only here (no installer):
http://www.wysiwygwebbuilder.com/wb11update.zip (build date: December 28, 2016)