WYSIWYG Web Builder 2.7.4 released

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*** Current version: WYSIWYG Web Builder 15.4.4 ***
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WYSIWYG Web Builder 2.7.4 released

Post by Pablo » Sun Dec 04, 2005 11:44 am

What's New?
- Fixed: Navigationbar 2 pixel offset bug.
- Fixed: Initial font size for text bug in Page Properties.
- Fixed: GIF transparency on Windows XP (and other GDI+ enabled systems).
- Fixed: Enabled Drag & drop of PNG images from Explorer.
- Fixed: Menubar font size pt -> px
- Fixed: Serveral display bugs in template selection window.
- Fixed: Marquee background color for FireFox compatibility
- Added: Category (folder) in template selection window.
- Added: Table cell border color
- Added: DOCTYPE is now included
- Added: Import button in Custom HTML properties.
- Added: Photo Gallery target window property
- Improved: Link dialog now supports 4 link types: FTP, WebSite, Email Address or Internal Page.
- Improved: Most HTML is now W3C compliant. Note that some objects are not officially supported by W3C but are implemented in most browsers.

New in Version 2.7.1:
- Fixed: Templates using a Photogallery could crash the application.
- Fixed: Navigationbar buttons issues on GDI+ disabled systems
- Fixed: Invalid span tags are ignored while importing HTML.
- Fixed: Moved <TITLE> in header section.
- Fixed: Menubar didn't work if text contained a single quote
- Fixed: Toolbar link button is now also enabled for shapes.
- Fixed: Some minor W3C compliant issues in Javascripts, navagationbar, rollover images and rotating images.
- Fixed: Initial HTML for Table cells
- Fixed: Height calculation of Table cells did not include padding value.
- Added: Generator tag field in Page Properties (in the commercial version only)
- Added: When an URL is entered for an image, Web Builder attempts to download/display it in the editor.

New in Version 2.7.2:
- Fixed: Banner offsets where not saved and now they also work for right and bottom aligment.
- Fixed: Locked objects could still be editing using the context menu.
- Fixed: Small improvement on the form resizing.
- Fixed: Custom colors are now saved between sessions.
- Added: Keyboard shortcuts to walk through the object: TAB and SHIFT-TAB, to make selection a little bit easier.
- Added: Alternate Text property to navigationbar buttons.
- Added: Alternate Text property to shape.
- Added: Option to configure alternative preview browser (Tools->Options->Preview)

New in Version 2.7.3
- Fixed: Marquee transparancy (when background color is set to "Automatic')
- Fixed: 'Global' javascripts now also work when 'Center in browser option is enabled. (Ready-To-Use-Javascripts)
- Fixed: Quicktime object now displays correctly in FireFox browser.
- Fixed: Format->Font highlight color bug when 'automatic' was selected.
- Fixed: Formatting close tags of text where incorrect (according to W3C standard).

New in Version 2.7.4
- Fixed: Bug introduced in 2.7.3 related to extra linebreak before </DIV>