WYSIWYG Web Builder 4.3 now available!

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*** Current version: WYSIWYG Web Builder 15.1.0 ***
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WYSIWYG Web Builder 4.3 now available!

Post by Pablo » Tue Jul 03, 2007 2:40 pm

WYSIWYG Web Builder 4.3 fixes all known problems and adds a few new features:
- Fixed: Internal Link selection no longer resets other dialog contents.
- Fixed: Transparency issue with navigationbar buttons
- Improved: Reflect rename of a master page in the pages using it
- Improved: Removed internal link for PayPal object, because only absolute URLs are valid!
- Improved: Added support for Polish currency to PayPal object.
- Improved: Items can now be rearanged by using drag & drop in Photo Gallery, Combobox, Navigationbar, TextMenu and Ad rotator properties.
- New Feature: Added preview option to all image selection windows.
- New Feature: Context menu with formatting tools when in text edit mode.
- New Feature: Added option to display Web safe fonts only (Tools->Options->Misc->Display websafe fonts only)
- New Feature: Added 'Target' property to PayPal object
- New Feature: Drag & Drop background images to workspace from explorer (hold down the SHIFT key while dragging)
- New Feature: Text box has two new options 'Search in Google' and 'Look Up in Dictionary' (experimental).
- Updated documentation (help and manual)

How to update from previous 4.x versions?
1. Download version 4.3 here:
2. If you already have version 4.x you can install it over your previous version. Make sure you select the same folder!

Advanced users can also download the update files only here (no installer):