WYSIWYG Web Builder 4.1a now available!

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*** Current version: WYSIWYG Web Builder 15.4.1 ***
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WYSIWYG Web Builder 4.1a now available!

Post by Pablo » Thu Mar 01, 2007 6:35 pm

WYSIWYG Web Builder 4.1a fixes all known problems and introduces some cool new features:

*** UPDATE ***
- Fixed: Several shape issues.
- Fixed: Relative images sub folder doesn't change background images.
- Fixed: Losing coordinate information in Quick Properties in multi select movement.
- Fixed: Timing problem in Site Manager toolbar update could result in crash.

- Fixed: Problem when previewing templates with master pages.
- Fixed: Length of javascript function field in Event properties.
- Fixed: Rotated shape not updated when using Quick Properties.
- Fixed: ImageMap hotspot keyboard movement bug.
- Fixed: Opening the same website twice no longer crashes the program...
- Improved: Added several checks for maximum page size.
- Improved: All dialogs now use the standard dialog font based on the Windows OS version.
- Improved: Recovery routines of corrupted projects.
- Improved: WYSIWYG Web Builder Help is now Vista compatible!
- Improved: 'Make Default' option in Page Properties now only applies to current web site.
- Improved: Redesigned shape painting routines (now internally 100% vector based).
- Improved: Quality of generated Photo Gallery thumbnails (bilinear interpolation).
- Improved: Image folder changes (between computers of users) are better handled.
- Added: Web Builder now uses Office 2007 Look on Vista.
Screenshot: http://www.wysiwygwebbuilder.com/support/wb41_001.jpg
- Added: Anti alias support for Shapes (requires gdiplus)
Screenshot: http://www.wysiwygwebbuilder.com/support/wb41_002.jpg
- Added: Shadow feature for Shapes!
Screenshot: http://www.wysiwygwebbuilder.com/support/wb41_003.jpg
- Added: Site Properties introduces the ability to set Page Properties for all pages in the web site.
Screenshot: http://www.wysiwygwebbuilder.com/support/wb41_004.jpg
- Added: The new Object Manager gives an overview of all objects in a page, you can also change the z-order or remove a specific object.
Screenshot: http://www.wysiwygwebbuilder.com/support/wb41_005.jpg
- Added: Ability to specify a custom error message for form validations.
- Added: Option to specify a different (relative) images sub folder per web site project.
Screenshot: http://www.wysiwygwebbuilder.com/support/wb41_006.jpg
- Added: 'Eyedropper' tool in color picker dialogs. The eyedropper can be used to pick up colors from anywhere of your screen.
Screenshot: http://www.wysiwygwebbuilder.com/support/wb41_007.jpg

How to update from previous 4.x versions?
1. Download version 4.1 here:
2. If you already have version 4.x you can install it over your previous version. Make sure you select the same folder!

Advanced users can also download the update files only here (no installer):