PHP guestbook extension 4.0 released

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PHP guestbook extension 4.0 released

Post by Pablo » Fri Sep 24, 2010 12:17 pm

What is new in PHP Guestbook 4.0?
- New feature: Added max message length property. Specifies the maximum number of characters that will be accepted.
- New feature: Added paginate support to display only x items per page.
- New feature: Added option to hide the sign guestbook form on the message page, it can be displayed when the user clicks 'Sign guestbook'
- New feature: Added Advanced CAPTCHA option (based on the web builder's CAPTCHA object).
- New feature: Added ReCAPTCHA integration.
- New feature: Added support for Smileys.

You can download the new version through the Extension Manager (Menu->Tools->Extension Manager->Available).
The new version only works in WYSIWYG Web Builder 7.2 or newer