WYSIWYG Web Builder 7.0 released!

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WYSIWYG Web Builder 7.0 released!

Post by Pablo » Wed Jun 23, 2010 10:59 am

The most amazing upgrade ever! Increase your productivity and take your website(s) to the next level. Add Web 2.0 features to your site with the click of a mouse.
More than 150 new features and thousands of new possibilities!

What's new in WYSIWYG Web Builder 7.0?
- Improved: Projects will now load even if used extensions are not found, so you can remove them or find them later.
- Improved: Redesigned image processing engine based on gdiplus. Removes overhead from application executable, uses less memory and provide more features.
- Improved: Font picker in style toolbar renders much faster for large fonts lists.
- Improved: Added more font sizes
- Improved: Web Builder will attempt to correctly encode invalid filenames automatically.
- Improved: Publish settings are now stored in My Documents folder (My Documents/WYSIWYG Web Builder/system), so they can easily be exchanged between computers.
- Improved: Web Builder now stores all user files (gradient, scripts, extensions, templates) in the My Documents/WYSIWYG Web Builder/system folder.
- Improved: Optimized usage of system resources, resulting in less memory usage and reducing the chance of crashes due to 'out of memory' errors.
- New Feature: Updated color scheme to Office 2010 blue scheme.
- New feature: 'Include page name in automatically generated ID attributes.' This option helps you to keep al ID unique within the context of the site.
- New Feature: 'Always show vertical scrollbar to prevent shifting of the page layout' to HTML options.
- New Feature: Ability to rename ID in Object manager (through context menu).
- New Feature: Ability to modify automatically generated image names in Object manager (through context menu->Allocated Filenames).
- New Feature: Move Up/Move Down options to style manager so styles can be re-arranged.
- New Feature: Copy/paste (unformatted) text directly into the workspace.
- New feature: Added the ability to merge multiple objects into a single image! Useful for merging multiple (layered) shapes into a single image. Merged objects can later be split up if you wish.
- New feature: Automatic backup option. Makes a backup copy of your project every 5, 15, or 30 minutes.
- New feature: Added option to (automatically) make a backup of the project on the server.
- New feature: Added the ability to specify the target folder for published files. Not only can you set the 'images' folder, but also for other types like swf, pdf, mp3, movies etc... Also works for linked files.
- New feature: Implemented proportional resizing for all objects: Hold down SHIFT + Bottom-Right handle while resizing.
- New feature: You can now import multiple pages from another project simulatinously.
- New feature: Added 'Paste in Place' in the main and context menu.
- New feature: Basic zoom functionality. You can zoom in to see parts of your web page close-up, or zoom out to see more of the page. You can either select one of the predefined zoom percentages or enter a custom value in the zoom toolbar.

Page features
- Improved: Created a new Internet Explorer specific tab in Page Properties. It includes all (deprecated) IE features.
- Improved: Added Apple Iphone target screen size
- Improved: Rename page in main menu, no longer requires Site Manager to be open.
- New feature: Added 'User defined' to meta tag section in Page Properties.
- New Feature: Search Engine Optimization section to Page Properties. Added Robots, Revisit After and Expires options.
- New Feature: Added 'Remove' button for master frame option.
- New feature: Added 'Align to left, but include page width/height' (in Page Properties) useful when designing a page for eBay.
- New feature: Added 'Don't Include this Page in the Site Map' option to Page Properties.

- Improved: Made Menubar structure more search engine (SEO) friendly, it now uses unsorted lists instead of javascript for the menu structure.

- Improved: Redesigned navigationbar and slidemenu for use with jQuery, resulting in cleaner HTML code and more options.
- New Feature: Navigationbar has a new 'Animation' option, to add cool animations (fade, slide left/up/down/right) to the rollovers.
- New Feature: 'Use hover state style to indicate the current page' to navigationbar. Makes it easier for the user to see on which page they are.

- Improved: Added 'Add/Replace frame' to Image tools menu.
- New Feature: You can now edit the image effects stack from the Image's propeties (in the Effects tab). This allows you to add, edit or remove effects.
- New Feature: More than 25 new image effects:
* OldPhoto
* Blur More
* Sharpen More
* Motion Blur
* Gaussian Blur
* Psychedelic
* Solarize
* Swap color Channels
* Invert Luminance
* Ripple
* Mosaic Tiles
* Sobel
* Threshold
* Sketch
* Pencil
* Water Reflection
* Oil Painting
* Neon Glow
* Laplace
* Thermique
* Aquarelle
* Comic
* Diffuse
* Emboss More
* Engrave
* Engrave More
* Flame
* Texture
- New Feature: Added the ability to replace a single color of an image.
- New Feature: Added WaterMark tool to image with many options! Protect your copyright protected images was never easier.
- New feature: Auto thumbnail option for images. Use this option to quickly create a smaller thumbnail-sized version of the image. A hyperlink to the original full-size image will be added.

Site manager
- Improved: Added 'Don't Synchronize this Page in Navigation Objects' to context menu of sitemanager
- Improved: Added 'Don't Include this Page in the Site Map' to context menu of sitemanager
- Improved: Added Sitemap properties to context menu of sitemanager.
- New Feature: Insert external files to site manager. These external files can be linked just like internal pages.

Master Pages
- Improved: Master page objects will now always have the minimum required size. The size of the master page objects will increase/decrease based on the content on the master page.

- Improved: Flash is now using swfobject.js version 2.2 for improved browser compatibility.

HTML Object
- Improved: HTML object now supports up to 2147483646 (0x7FFFFFFE) characters instead of just 30000.
- New Feature: Added Start of Page, Between <head></head> tags, Inside <body> tag, After <body> tag, Before </body>, End of page options to HTML object. This allows you to easily copy/paste page HTML from one page to another.

Many of the Web Builder built-in objects now use jQuery for scripting, animation and other web 2.0 features.
- New Feature: New event actions: show with effects, hide with effects. With more than 20 animation effects. Adding cool effects to your page has never been easier!
- New Feature: Added 'animate' option to events. This options allows you to animate the position, size and/or opacity of any object.
- New Feature: jQuery Accordion, fully integrated as a multi layer accordion-like component. Each panel can one or more objects, which can be dragged & dropped at design time.
- New Feature: jQuery AutoComplete, replaces a standard editbox. It enables users to quickly find and select from a pre-populated list of values as they type. The list can be either local or from a remote location (AJAX)
- New Feature: jQuery Button, enhances standard button (normal, submit, reset or anchor/link) to themable buttons with appropiate mouseover and active styles.
- New Feature: jQuery DatePicker, adds datepicker functionality to your pages/forms.
- New Feature: jQuery Dialog, a dialog is a floating window that contains a title bar and a content area. You can drag & drop objects to the dialog to make then part of the window.
- New Feature: jQuery Tabs, whicc can be used to break content into multiple sections that can be swapped to save space, much like the accordion.

Site Search
- New Feature: Site Search, easily add site search functionality to your website. The search index can be cretaed based on meta tags or the page content. Support auto complete and filtering of stop words.

New Viewer
- New feature: News Viewer object. Display RSS feeds (local or from another website), Twitter messages, Flickr images, Myspace blogs or other news sources on your website (with various display types: static, scroller, slideshow, paginate).

Roll Over Text
- New Feature: RollOver Text, displays a text banner over image on mouse over. Includes cool slide and fade effects.

Flash Movie Player
- New Feature: Flash Movie Player with support many video formats like FLV, MP4 (also AVC), MOV, AVI, MP4V, M4V, F4V, VP6, VP7 and M4A (auch AAC, iPod), M4R, F4A (Audio)

Curved Text
- New Feature: Curved Text, draw text along a (user defined) curve.

Text Art
- New Feature: Added preview to TextArt
- New Feature: 18 new warp styles in TextArt.
- New feature: Text Art Gallery option with 25 predefined textart styles 'inspired' by MS WordArt...

File Publisher
- New Feature: File Publisher object now supports folders.

Slide Show
- New Feature: Added border to slideshow
- New Feature: Redesigned slideshow using jQuery, includes 18 transition effects, sequence/random mode and effect length.

Photo Gallery
- New Feature: Photo Gallery preview zoom option in Properties.
- New Feature: Photo Gallery now supports onclick action to show image in a popup dialog
- New Feature: Photo Gallery has built-in support for lightbox slideshows: slimbox, prettyphoto, fancybox

- New Feature: Added Pagination option to blog object. Display x items per page.

Login Tools
- New Feature: 'Convert to form' option to Login tools. Allows you to convert the static form into native Web builder objects so you can fully customize the layout and code if you like...
- New feature: Added "AllowUsers' option to 'Protected Page' object, so only specific users can access the page.

Roll Over Image
- New Feature: Rollover Image has a new 'Animation' option, to add cool animations (fade, slide left/up/down/right and zoom!) to the rollovers.

- New Feature: 'Include text in ALT attribute' option for 'Convert text to image" feature.
- New feature: Added Sentence case, Lowercase, Uppercase, Capitalize Each Word and Toggle case options to text editor.
- New feature: Added shortcut menu items for bullet, euro, pound, yen, regsitered, copyright and trademark symbols.
- New feature: Added 'Title' property to hyperlinks.

- New Feature: State-of-the-art form validation: Uses Info balloons instead of message box, real-time validation (without the need to submit the data first)
- New Feature: AJAX validation (check a value on the server) for EditBox and TextArea.
- New Feature: Validation for new datatypes: creditcards, dates, ip address, URL and custom regular expressions.
- New Feature: Field match validation, checks if the value of two fields are identical.
- New Feature: Real-time CAPTCHA validation on the server (without the need to submit the data first)
- New Feature: Checkbox and radio button validation.
- New feature: Added the ability to store form data in a MySQL database.
- New feature: Added 'Accept Charset' property to forms, useful for unicode languages. This also used by the built-in form processor.
- New feature: Added new Form Wizard template: Business Contact
- New feature: Added new Form Wizard template: Link Exchange Request
- New feature: Added new Form wizard template: Form processor: ASP (demonstration how to implement a form using APS script)
- New feature: Added new Form wizard template: Tell a friend
- New feature: Added new Form Wizard template: RSVP Form
- New feature: Added new Form Wizard template: Search on Wikipedia
- New feature: Added new Form Wizard template: Site Search Bing
- New feature: Added new Form Wizard template: Web Feedback
- New feature: Added new Form Wizard template: Web Search Bing

Drawing Tools
- New Feature: Polygons and Curves now have a 'Edit Points' option to add and remove nodes. You can also resize the Polygon/Curve like other objects.
- New Feature: Polygons and Curves now support rotating.

- New Feature: Sort rows/columns in Tables.
- New Feature: Set row height/column width in Tables.

- New Feature: Added Inner Shadow effect to Shape, TextArt and ClipArt (replaces Bevel).
- New feature: Added texture support to Shape, TextArt and ClipArt.
- New Feature: Padding option for text on shape.
- New Feature: Most image effects can now also be applied to shapes, clipart and text art!
- New feature: Added 3D effect/shadow type to Shapes, TextArt and ClipArt
- New feature: Added Buttonize effect to Shapes, TextArt and ClipArt

Image Map
- New Feature: Added event support to Image Map hotspots.

Inline Frame
- New Feature: Added border style to inline frame

- New feature: Added 'Sticky Layer' mode to layer. This option keeps a layer visible (top/bottom/left/right) at all times. This can be useful if you want to keep a menu or image visible even if the page scrolls. Animation is also an option!
- New feature: Header/Footer mode which can be useful if you are using the layer as a header or footer for your page (usually in combination with the 'relative horizontal resizing' option).

- New feature: Import option added to combobox. Select from predefined values (countries, states, days etc) or import from an external file.

Slide Menu
- New feature: Added animation effects (slide/fade) to slidemenu
- New feature: Added 'SingleExpand' option to slidemenu
- New feature: Added 'margin' and 'padding' properties to slidemenu to give you more control over the layout of the menu.
- New feature: Added 'Expand on mouseover' option to slidemenu.

- New feature: Added 'Background Scroller' to Ready-to-use-scripts.
- New feature: Added 'Breaking News' to Ready-to-use-scripts.
- New feature: Added 'Countdown' to Ready-to-use-scripts.
- New feature: Added 'Text Cursor' to Ready-to-use-scripts.
- New feature: Added 'Info bar' to Ready-to-use-scripts.
- New feature: Added 'iPhone redirect' to Ready-to-use-scripts.
- New feature: Added 'Rainbow background' to Ready-to-use-scripts.
- New feature: Added 'Screen Resolution Redirect 'to Ready-to-use-scripts.
- New feature: Added 'Sticky Email' to Ready-to-use-scripts.
- New feature: Added 'Text scroller' to Ready-to-use-scripts.
- New feature: Added 'Link to Facebook' to Ready-to-use-scripts.
- New feature: Added 'Link to MySpace' to Ready-to-use-scripts.
- New feature: Added 'Link to Twitter' to Ready-to-use-scripts.
- New feature: Added 'Link to YouTube' to Ready-to-use-scripts.
- New feature: Added 'Photo Album/Slideshow on Flickr' to Ready-to-use-scripts.
- New feature: Added 'Photo Album/Slideshow on MySpace' to Ready-to-use-scripts.
- New feature: Added 'Photo Album/Slideshow on Picase' to Ready-to-use-scripts.
- New feature: Added bold/italic/underline options to Ready-to-use-scripts.

- New feature: Added color and border properties to YouTube object.

More details here:

Where can I download WYSIWYG Web Builder 7.0?

How can I buy WYSIWYG Web Builder 7.0?

How can I upgrade from a previous version?

If you've purchased your license after April 21, 2010 then you can request your new (free) serial number here:

Have fun with this new version!
I'm sure there will be minor issues in the first few days, but we will try to fix these a.s.a.p.

Thank you for supporting WYSIWYG Web Builder,