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Adding an image to a web page

Select Insert->Image from the menu and draw a box to indicate the position of the image. Or select Image in the toolbox.
To resize the image drag the borders (handles) of the image object.
The size of the box does not matter; Web Builder automatically adjusts the box to fit the image after you place it. The Image File Open dialog appears so you can locate the image you want to place in the image box. Select the image you want to add and click Open to add it to the page.
Apply filters to an image
In WYSIWYG Web Builder you can apply filters to images without having to open a seperate image editor!
A few of the available filters are:
Contrast, Brightness, Blur, GrayScale, Emboss, Negative,  Sepia, Sharpen, Soften and much more!
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Rotate an image
You can rotate image and shape objects.

To rotate an object:
1. To select the Rotate tool click Menu->Edit->Rotate.
2. Click to select the object, hover over one of its handles until you see the rotate pointer.
3. Hold the mouse button down and drag in the direction in which you want to rotate the object, then release. Use the Shift key for 15 rotation intervals.